Front Panel Access

* Disconect all power from the repeater *


1. Remove both the top and bottom covers; 14 screws total.

2. On both sides of the front panel are two screws; remove the top screws, but only loosen the bottom screws:

near the end of production; Kenwood no longer installed the top screws.


3. Position the repeater at a table edge, so the front panel can be rotated downward; as shown in the pic below. As you attempt to rotate the front panel downwards, lift up & away from the main chassis at the same time. The front panel should rotate downwards 90 degrees:

if you are installing the DTMF-TKR module, note the locations of the red, yellow, and green squares.

Proceed to the printed instructions included with the module; which also notes the up/down codes.



* can the DTMF-TKR module be manually overridden?

Yes, just place the TKR-720/820 front panel Repeat switch in it's inner (on) position; this forces Repeat mode.

* other than the DTMF-TKR module, what other item would I need for ham radio repeater compliance?

The ID-Beep module adds Morse Code identification (and a pleasant courtesy beep). Both the DTMF-TKR and ID-Beep modules are sold individually... or as a package. Click here for more INFO

* can I change the enable/disable DTMF codes?

the DTMF codes are pre-set and cannot be changed. The DTMF-TKR module is intended to be a basic compliance accessory. If your application requires more sophisticated DTMF control, then look into offerings by other manufacturers.

* what are the enable/disable codes?

These are included in the provided installation instructions.
The enable/disable digits need be sent for 2.5 seconds duration minimum.

* what is the power-on default mode of the DTMF-TKR module?

The module powers-up with the Repeat Mode enabled.