Front Panel Access

* Disconect all power from the repeater *


1. Remove both the top and bottom covers; 14 screws total.

2. pull off the front Volume and Squelch knobs.

3. There are 6 tabs (3 top and botton) holding the gray plastic front panel . Gently pull up on the tabs until you can pull off the complete gray plastic front panel:

Keep track of the gray pushbutton tops, for TAKEOVER, REPEAT, MONITOR, POWER. They can be removed (if they already haven't fallen off already ).

4. remove the two nuts on the Volume and Squelch controls

5. On both sides of the front panel are two screws; remove the top screws, but only loosen the bottom screws:

near the end of production; Kenwood no longer installed the top screws.


6. Position the repeater at a table edge, so the front panel can be rotated downward; as shown in the pic below. As you attempt to rotate the front panel downwards, lift up & away from the main chassis at the same time. The front panel should rotate downwards 90 degrees:

(ignore the colored squares in the above pic)

To continue installing the F-Kit, refer to the printed instructions included with your shipment.

NOTE: the F-Kit includes instructions for VCO adjustment, but not general tuning/alignment. If you (or someone you know) are already experienced with radio alignment... you won't need any additional instructions. If you don't have experience nor test equipment... no amount of instructions will help. I cannot provide any additional tuning help or guidelines. It's best to either purchase a service manual. or ask someone with 2-way radio experience to finish the aligment needed after a typical reprog.

If there's any doubt, I strongly suggest sending your TKR-720/820 to me, for complete professional reprogramming, alignment, and setup.