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  • F-KIT One 8 pin IC socket and one EEPROM pre-programmed with your TX and RX frequencies

    $33.00 plus $7 S&H

  • FC-KIT the F-Kit above, with an additional EEPROM pre-programmed with your CTCSS.

    $39.00 plus $7 S&H

    note: when emailing an order... please use this verbage for the frequencies:
    Repeater Output Freq ______________ mhz
    Repeater Input Freq _____________mhz

    instead of TX and RX.

  • Compliance Pack Upgrade your Kenwood TKR 720/820 repeater to full ham compliance with these two modules:
    * ID-BEEP (details below)
    * DTMF-TTG (details below)
    • the combination of these listed modules will add DTMF control over the Repeat function, and add Morse Code ID (along with a pleasant courtesy beep); putting your TKR720/820 into ham radio repeater compliance.

    $135.00 ($10.00 flat rate shipping to any US state address)
    NOTE: these modules are also sold seperately... see below.

  • ID-BEEP Morse Code ID'er and courtesy beep module.
    Adds that missing courtesy beep and Morse Code ID. Designed specifically for the Kenwood TKR-720 & 820 repeater; plugs into the TKR-720 & 820 15pin rear accessory jack. Comes pre-programmed with your call sign, and is modulation level pre-adjusted (level can be further adjusted by the purchaser). The Morse Code ID function is "polite"; it will not walk-over an active conversation. A true "Plug & Play" addition to your TKR-720 & 820.

    $89.00 ($9.00 flat-rate shipping to any US state address) PIC

  • DTMF-TTG Repeat function DTMF controller.
    Allows the Repeat function of your TKR-720/820 to be enabled/disabled by DTMF control. This is an internally installed module; look at this page to see if you're comfortable with disassembling your TKR repeater: LINK
    $49.00 ($9.00 flat-rate shipping to any US state address) PIC

    $79.00 module & installation into your TKR-720/820 (plus return shipping and insurance)

  • IRLP-TKR interconnect for IRLP connection to your TKR-720 & 820 repeater
    No Longer Available. Email for info
  • ACCESSORY INTERFACE KIT One 15 pin male connector shell & 10 male pins - that mate to the TKR-720/820 rear accessory connector. Also includes my Accessory Interface Sheet which identifies the signals available there.

    Please Email for Availability
  • Services
    • Re-program your existing TKR-720 or 820 repeater (no alignment; just a straight reprog)
      NOTE: I reprogram using a real Kenwood KPT programmer. I do not install an eeprom socket, as I don't need to
      remove the original eeprom when programming via the official factory method.
      • $39.00 plus return shipping & insurance
      • $10.00 to also program CTCSS
    • Re-program (this one includes freq and CTCSS) and professionally align (TX-RX-VCO-frequency-repeat audio level) your exsting TKR-720 or 820
      • $79.00 plus return shipping & insurance (duplexer re-tune not included)
    • Re-tune internally installed UHF duplexer
      • $60.00 plus return shipping & insurance (or just $50.00 additional if added with a Re-prog & Align) .
        A duplexer allows the repeaters two independant radios (the receiver and transmitter radios that are operating simultaneously ) to use a single antenna.
    • Install eeprom socket (strictly optional, as it's not necessary if I have your repeater physically)
      • $49.00
    • Add Dual-Power functionality.
      Kenwood had offered a battery backup connection option for the TKR-720/820. This allowed the repeater to operate off both the internal powersupply... and an external battery. Although they no longer offer the option, I can upgrade your repeater to function exactly as the factory dual power option allowed. NOTE: this is an internally installed option, I must physically have your repeater to upgrade it to dual power capability. Email me for more details.
      • $45.00 plus return shipping & insurance

      Payments via PayPal only. Order by emailing Tim; a PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address:. Please do not send money via PayPal without first receiving a Paypal Invoice from Tim.

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