User installable EEPROM for Frequency Re-programming (CTCSS optional)


The F-Kit includes an IC socket and a pre-programmed EEPROM with your TX & RX frequency changes.

The FC-KIT includes two EEPROMS; one for your RF frequencies, and one pre-programmed for CTCSS (if needed). Note; the factory CTCSS EEPROM is already socketed from the factory; though the frequency EEPROM is soldered in.

Partial disassembly of the TKR-720/820 is necessary, as well as desoldering the original frequency EEPROM (located on the front panel circuitboard),  and then soldering in the provided socket. NOTE: the F-Kit & FC-Kit includes instructions for VCO adjustment, but not general tuning/alignment. If you (or someone you know) are already experienced with radio alignment... you won't need any additional instructions. If you don't have experience or test equipment... no amount of instructions will help. I cannot provide any additional tuning help or guidelines. It's best to either purchase a service manual, or find one free online, or ask someone with 2-way radio experience to finish the alignment needed after a typical reprog.

Please click the link below and determine if your are comfortable disassembling your TKR-720/820 repeater:

Click Here

If there's any doubt, I strongly suggest sending your TKR-720/820 to me, for complete professional reprogramming, alignment, and setup. 



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